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Update: Rebuild Fiji Appeal

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our KOOKAÏ customers and the Australian business community in supporting the Katalyst Foundation’s Rebuild Fiji Appeal.
The total funds raised so far have reached just over $122,000! Every cent of the funds raised by us goes directly to the people in need in Fiji, with KOOKAÏ covering all administrative and other costs required for the foundation to carry out its work.
We have also received the following donations of goods and services from some incredibly generous businesses:
  • A 20 foot container of bottled water – Fiji Water
  • 3 pallets of clothing for teens – Factory X
  • 1,000 items of baby clothing – Pure Baby
  • 2 pallets of medicinal supplies – My Chemist
  • Transport and customs clearance of charity goods – Gibson Freight
  • 3 pallets of health bars at cost – Kapai Puku
  • Donations from senior staff and setting up a workplace giving fund for the appeal - PwC
  • LZF Zip Manufacturers
How your donations have helped
So far your donations and support have allowed us to provide the following assistance to one of the hardest hit provinces:
  • Sending our first drop of emergency food and distributing it amongst the province;
  • Providing over 500 tarpaulins to secure homes;
  • Providing water filters for the local hospital; and
  • Providing a high pressure burner for the boarding school.
What’s next
There is still a lot more work needed to help the victims of Tropical Cyclone Winston, with many people still displaced and with ongoing food, water and medical needs. The next projects we will be working on include:
  • Securing homes against the weather - with 252 homes partly destroyed;
  • Providing temporary housing for those who have lost their homes – with 158 homes completely destroyed;
  • Providing bunks and mattresses for the boarding school;
  • Providing water bottles for students;
  • Providing school supplies for students;
  • Providing equipment and medicine for the hospital; and
  • Replanting crops.
We will also continue to help the community into the future, with some long-term projects planned to ensure the ongoing safety and prosperity of the Fijian people. These include:
  • Providing safe drinking water for all villages;
  • Rebuilding a school that was destroyed by the cyclone;
  • Building a kindergarten; and
  • Providing permanent, cyclone-proof housing.
If you would like to continue to support us in helping the victims of Tropical Cyclone Winston, please donate here
All donations of $2 and above are tax deductible.
For any other enquiries about the Rebuild Fiji Appeal, please contact: